Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I approach this new year with mixed emotions. On one hand, I plan to make this the best decade ever. On the other hand, January 1st is my husband's birthday, so I am feeling out of sorts about it.

I am happy to not have to endure the annual birthday trip to PA to eat at a restaurant that I don't like with his family who were usually rude. So yeah, that is good for me :) I am tempted to call him to wish him a happy birthday- I told you I was sick. That is such a sick thing. I wont call him though, don't worry.

I prefer not to make a list of "resolutions" because they are pretty much just made for breaking anyhow ;) Instead I have some New Years goals that I would like to work towards:

1. Getting in to bed by 10 PM.
2. Walking 3 times a week for exercise.
3. Getting in to a routine of daily Bible study again.
4. Daily journaling, either online or with pen and paper.
5. Working towards my long term goal of eating vegan.

Those are a few things I am working towards this year. Wish me luck! :0)


  1. Happy New Year Jaime~~
    Praying God makes all things new for you....

  2. Happy New Year to you, and you're right not to call; it's for the best.

    Gill (Appleby on PH)