Sunday, January 24, 2010

Returning to church

Sorry I deleted my last post. I just didn't want to look at it :0(

I have decided to go back to church tomorrow. Or, today, technically. I will have to deal with that one group of people eventually anyway. So I might as well just take the plunge and get it over with. I can not continue this self imposed solitude. I need to get back to my life's routine.

I am trying my best to get my room more organized. I have become quite messy now that I have my freedom. I think before I had to be organized and neat as a survival technique. Now that I don't have someone constantly breathing down my neck and pointing out my flaws, I am a little too relaxed.

I have turned my broken bathroom in to a storage closet. It is going to cost way too much money to fix. I can't even use the sink in there. So I might as well utilize the space. I have my scrapbooking supplies in there. My large picture frames- seriously, why are they not in my storage unit?! I also have some bins of off season clothing and yarn to stick in there.

Pretty cool, I think.

I am also weeding out some unflattering clothing.

I just want to feel comfortable up here. As it is I spend very little time in my room. My Dad dropped a lot of money getting internet up here, and getting me a new monitor. I just need to make the area comfortable *as in, not walking around boxes* so that I want to be up here.

I put another sewing machine in the closet. So now I have the empty sewing table to use. I put a framed picture of me and Buggy on it.

Tomorrow will be busy. I am getting up early for church and Sunday school. Then it is home to wash both my BiPap equipment and Dad's CPap equipment. Then I will drop Mom off at the mall, run to one of my student's birthday parties for a brief check in, then back to pick Mom up, come home, put some laundry away, do a bit more organizing then cooking dinner. Whew!

Okay, so the reason I am only dropping by this party as opposed to staying for the whole thing is that I can not fit at the restaurant's tables. Yep.

They have those annoying chairs that are like, bolted to the floor that swivel. A heavy person's worst nightmare. Rumor has it that they do have two regular chairs there, but with all of the parents who will be there, I figure the odds of getting one are slim. And it is not like I am going to say anything like "Hey would you mind letting me have your chair, I am too fat."

Yes, another one of life's fun moments totally trashed because of the weight.

It is so sad to me that I have to think about these things. You know I figure the vast majority of people would just go to a party. I have to think ahead for things like this. I have to call and ask about their seating. Make arrangements, etc. What a waste.

But anyway, I am working on it. Maybe next year will be better :0)

The BiPap machine is really helping. I am no longer like "Ugh, I need to take a break while washing dishes." I actually have more energy. And I have lost weight since getting it, so that is fun.

I better head off to bed. The alarm is going off early in the morning. Goodnight friends. Drop me a comment to let me know if you are reading. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is LOL


  1. Just wanted to let you know I'm reading...and rooting for you!

  2. I'm reading. And watching and learning. You are a strong person - keep plugging away!

  3. Definitely reading and rooting here, too. Through your posts on mdc and here, I know you are a beautiful, strong, compassionate woman. Many hugs from WI. :)