Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stats as of 12/28/2009

Okay, here are my stats:

Date: 12/28/09
Weight: 458
Neck: 17.5
Bust: 65
Waist: 67
Hips: 75
Thighs: 30
Calf: 23.5
Upper Arm: 21



  1. Having seen a number of other ~450lb women on a show about extreme weight loss, may I congratulate you on looking fantastic? You have phenomenal posture and it really makes the difference between looking professional (which you do) and looking sloppy (which the people on the show did).

  2. Wow - you're so pretty!! I love that smile in your last picture... it speaks volumes.

    You an inspiration. I'll be following your journey and cheering for you. I hope to join you in your quest for better health soon.

  3. Thank you :) I try to wear clothes that flatter me as well as allow me to get down on the floor with my students and play. And outfits that wont stain if I get paint or glue on them LOL I always feel sloppy wearing comfortable clothes because for my old job I dressed up a lot, but when you teach small kids it is not practical to wear skirts and dresses. I am glad that I at least don't look sloppy! ALthough it bothered me that my shirt was up in the back shot, my Mom must not have noticed when she took the pic.

  4. I just read every post on this blog and I have to say that you're an amazing, strong woman for dealing with all that you have and I wish you nothing but the best in the future. You'll be in my prayers.

  5. Just another webcrawler cheering you on. I agree with the previous commenters, you look great, and very happy.