Monday, January 25, 2010


Yeah, I am.

I work, come home, play online and go to bed. Nothing too exciting.

I feel like there are so many better things that I could be doing with my time. I need a distraction maybe? I don't know. I have been doing Bible study every day, that is helping. I just feel very unfocused at the moment.

Any tips, suggestions, comments? Let me have them :0) I am open to change here. I need some change. Right now life feels like one big waste of energy! I wonder what I could be capable of if I actually *did* something.


  1. Girl, there are so many options for you! You could join a bible study at any church that offers one on a night that is good for you. You could get a 2nd job- doesn't have to be every night, but maybe a job that is 1-2 nights during the week and maybe 1 day/weekend would give you some extra spending money to do fun stuff like see a movie. go out to dinner, etc! You could check some books out of your library to read. If you lived a bit closer we could hang out!

  2. I thought you did blankets in the past (maybe it was someone else). How about something 'crafty'.
    Right now I am on a cross stitch kick. I love the webiste the weekly specials update every wednesday and the regular section has a huge selection of stamped xstitch (for those of us who are lazy or just cant see well)