Sunday, January 3, 2010

Five months free!

It is after midnight, so technically yesterday marked five months free from my abuser!

And it feels great!!

Today was a good day. I made dinner tonight, chicken fajitas with lots of peppers and onions. Yum! My Dad seemed to like them but not so sure about my Mom. She doesn't eat a lot of vegetables so that threw her off, I think.

Tomorrow I am making spaghetti.

I am a bit bummed out because one of my favorite sets of winter pajamas do not fit me. Not even close. But that is okay, they will fit me soon enough!

I can not thank you all enough for your supportive comments. It means a lot to me that people are reading and sharing my pain and happiness. I don't feel that I have a good support system in real life, brought on by my own embarassment over the abuse. So it helps to have people to share my feelings with :0)

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  1. I found my way to your blog via MDC, and wanted to pop in to offer some support. You're doing a wonderful job with your lifestyle changes!