Sunday, January 17, 2010

Favorite chicken

Teachers are not supposed to have favorites. And for the most part we don't. But I would be a total liar if I said that E did not have a special place in my heart.

We go way back. The first week she met me she asked me why I was fat. My coteacher freaked and took her to the side to talk to her, probably saying how that isn't nice, etc, etc. I don't know, I have never been one to have an issue with an honest question. I would much prefer an observation from a child than a rude comment yelled out of a window by a grown man. You know? :0)

When I worked the early shift she was usually the first one to arrive. Often times we would be the only two there for a half hour or so. She is very bright, so she is easy to talk to. We both love onions on our pizza and mustard on our hamburgers. And she is moody, like me LOL

And she was with me when I went blinde. So I am pretty sure that I will always remember her, because a moment like that is going to always be in your head. Just like I remember where I was when I learned about 9/11. You don't forget those things.

Every year we make these phone number books for the kids who go to Kindergarten. All of the kids write their numbers in the book with their names, and the teachers do it too. They love this because normally they have never talked to friends at this point in their life, and how cool is it to call your teacher? So it is something the group that stays in PreK for one more year looks forward to doing.

So the other day, E reminded me of the books we would make and asked me what my phone number was. I told her, she wrote it down, then another student announced "She is teasing, those are not really her numbers." LOL I think the area code threw him off. It is mandatory now in my state that we use area codes, that was a recent change. So most of the kids don't remember our area code. So he thought I was teasing because of the extra numbers.

Anyhow, today I come upstairs to find message on my cell phone. E's Mom is in a panic, stressing out that she can't believe she is actually calling me on a Saturday, but E just had to find out if I was lying about my phone number or not LOL I called her back and E was very happy to know that I told the truth, and she can't wait until Tuesday to tell the other child that I really did give her my "numbers". LOL

I guess E's Mom thinks I have a life :0) But I don't, so it is fine LOL

In August we will make these books again and my phone will ring off the hook for about 2 weeks. I love how kids are on the phone, very abrubt.
"What are you doing Miss Jaime?"
"Oh, I am making dinner."
"Okay, well, goodbye!" Click.

Love it LOL

So today was pretty boring. I slept in. I felt that my body needed the extra sleep because I am fighting a double ear infection. So I had some guilt free extra snooze time.

I spent most of my day redoing my Farmville Farm on facebook, then redoing Mom's. Exciting stuff ;)

This part is maybe TMI, and for women only. I doubt any men are reading my blog, but if they are, they have been warned!

I normally only get my period twice a year. My doctor feels this is a weight issue. Well I have had it for almost a month now, and I am going to have to make an appointment, I guess. Not heavy every day by any means. More like light spotting most days. But occasionally I will have a really heavy bout, usually in the evenings before bed. Large clots sometimes come out in the shower too after these heavy times.

I doubt there is anything that she can do. I am not willing to go on birth control pills, which is what they did when my period would not stop when I was 19.

I just wonder what my body is telling me. I mean, I am out of a stressful situation because I left my husband. That is a positive. I am using a BiPap machine at night so my sleep is actually restorative and healthy. Another positive. I have lost weight. Positive. So what is my body telling me? I feel a lot healthier now than I have been in years. So what is up with the month long wonky period?

My Mom thinks that maybe because I only had two a year that perhaps I have a lot of build up. I am not sure. If anyone out there has an idea, I would love to hear it.

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