Sunday, January 3, 2010

Veggie Haters :P

I love veggies. Raw, cooked, seasoned or plain. Love them!!

My Mom is a veggie hater :P I made dinner for my parents both Saturday and Sunday. My Dad seemed to enjoy it. My Mom wouldn't even eat my spaghetti sauce because it had blended up veggies in it. Seriously, no one ever would have known. She told me she wanted to stop eating meat, so I just assumed that meant she would be in to eating vegetables ;)

My Dad made a gorgous salad tonight too. He makes some impressive salads. He grows most of his own salad fixings in the summer. Yum!

I even put meat in the sauce because they are both big meat eaters- it is meat raised on my Aunt's farm, grass fed, hormone free, as good as it is going to get meat wise- but still she wouldn't eat it because of those silly vegetables.


But I will still try again next weekend. There has to be something I can fix that she will like. I figure maybe she just generally hates my cooking- which very well may be true, I never really learned how to cook properly, however, my STBX is 320 pounds so I must have been doing something right LOL

Tomorrow's food:
organic almond butter on an english muffin *Dad goofed and got regular instead of whole grain.. oooops!*
turkey and one slice of cheese with brown mustard on a whole grain sandwich thin
baked beans- I have to eat with my students, so this is my contribution to eating with them LOL
whatever fruit they serve at school
Kashi Go Lean Crunch, plain (as in, no milk)
unsalted almonds
If there is any left, I will have my spaghetti and a salad. If Dad eats it for lunch, I will have either have what Mom makes or a vegan frozen meal.

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