Sunday, January 10, 2010

Long day tomorrow!

Don't you just love it when both of your coworkers call you within two hours of each other to call off for the next day? ;0)

Looks like another 10.5 hour day tomorrow. It still doesn't compare to the 15.5 hour days at my old job LOL

Here is to hoping that my little chickens use their listening ears, their indoor voices and take looooooooooooong naps for poor Miss Jaime :0)

Ah, in a perfect world, it could be "Movie Day"! But we watched one last week, and since I am the anti TV Queen, they would examine my head if I took it out again. Sometimes those self imposed rules just bite you in the backside, you know? LOL

It will be too cold to go play outside. And if the county has a delay then I will have 6 additional children from the Elementary School. Yikes. I hope there is extra staff tomorrow, because I am going to need it!! :0)

Oh well, I need the money, with the computer on the fritz.

I better go to bed. I am going in 2 hours earlier than usual. Goodnight friends :0)

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  1. I hope your day went well yesterday, despite the extra hours! :)