Monday, January 4, 2010


Today was a so so day. I woke up an hour early with back pain. I get back pain daily now that I have the BiPap machine. Before I used to toss and turn every few minutes. My body is not used to sleeping in one place. The mattrass is brand new and never hurt me three months ago before BiPap, so I know it is not that. I am hoping that the more weight I lose, the better my back will feel. I am sure it will :)

Tomorrow we are having grilled chicken for lunch. I am probably going to eat that. I will have a slim fast for breakfast. No clue on dinner, I wish this house had a meal plan. When I lived with my husband I had the meals planned a month in advance. LOL

My Dad has already requested that I make chicken fajitas again. He is off on a quest to find the right seasoning, they stopped carrying the one I like at the one grocery store. I usually eat them without the chicken, I love the veggies so much. So it works out for us.

I am having a hard time giving up meat. I think it is a laziness and lack of planning issue more than anything. I feel that the cow that my Aunt raises every year is at least treated ethically on her farm. They treat them like pets. But still, I am sure he suffers when he goes to the slaughter house :( And I call my students "Chickens" so I will have the following conversation tomorrow with E:
E: Miss Jaime, is this dead chicken?
Me: Yes, honey.
E: You call us chickens :(

Yeah, I do call them chickens. Blah! I hate that. Of course the fact that she understands the chicken is dead does not seem to make her not want to eat it LOL I have no idea why she is so interested in this lately, maybe her parents are saying some things at home, but I am pretty sure they eat meat in that household. I just always feel like such a hypocrite eating meat. I need a plan, ladies. If I started planning this would be easier.

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