Sunday, January 31, 2010

Updates galore!

Okay so in the home front:

I have turned my broken bathroom in to a storage closet. I have a bunch of stuff I would rather not look at in there- like pictures of B.

I have put away my Mom's sewing stuff.

I moved my Dad's stuff in to the closet.

I bagged up 12 pairs of pants, 13 tee shirts, 10 sweaters and 4 purses to donate to an older woman my friend knows of who doesn't have any clothes.

I have put some of my books on the the hard to get to bookshelf.

I framed a picture of my Buggy and it is sitting on my desk right now. I just love that his Mom keeps me in pictures LOL Buggy is the only thing I had to live for for a long time there. He is not even in my class yet, but I just adore him. She gave me a 5 by 7 picture of him for Christmas. I can look at it every time I am on the computer now :0)

I am joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. Yeah, I know. But I need some help here because nothing is working at the moment.

I have organized my mini closet. It is roomier now that I have gotten rid of some of those clothes.

All of my clothes have a home now either in the closet or drawers.

About 100 skeins of yarn have homes now in the drawers. I still need to get two more gigant bags of it out of storage. But it is not getting over 30 this week so I will wait a while longer.

That is all I have for now :0)

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