Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is normal?

This will be brief as I have a double ear infection. Yucky! I woke up today feeling so crummy. I have had fluid in my ear that I just could not get to drain no matter what I tried. I am on antibiotics. I always say that I am not going to take them, but when the ears hurt this much, I run for the pharmacy LOL

Any-who. Today at lunch I ate an average portion of tomato soup and one grilled cheese sandwich. I never do that. I usually overeat, a lot. I did take seconds on the fruit. But I was satisfied. Honestly, I think most of my weight issues stem from the fact that I never actually chew and enjoy the food. I just shove it in like an after thought. Today I had good conversation- well, as good as can be expected from 4 year olds :0) But I ate, felt fine and that was it. No overeating required.

And on that note, I am super tired. Goodnight :0)


  1. A double ear infection??? OMG, you poor thing. I hope it clears up soon.

    Sounds like you had a nice meal. Are you counting calories? I ask because I'm trying to develop my own meal plan for weight loss after my baby is born in the spring. I have a hard to knowing how much I "should" be eating. I'm thinking 1600 calories should be healthy... I dunno.

    Also, I'm curious if you went to the doctor for a check up before starting your program? I know your said your insurance sucks, though. A doctor may be able to help in making sure you are eating enough (which I would be more worried about you not eating enough than eating too much!)

    I'm over 300 and was scared to go to the doctor. I had a doc that was sort of harsh. I surprised him, though, when they found I had very low cholesterol and low (normal low) blood sugar. Doctors tend to assume someone that looks like me must not eat healthy, and that will show in the bloodwork. It was fun to prove this rather mean doctor wrong. ;)

    Sorry for the super long comment. I just want to learn more about your "diet" plans, really. I'm also going back and forth and debating weight loss surgery, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on that too. I've got to diet vicariously until after this baby is born (and after bfing is established too).


  2. I will answer in today's blog :0) Thanks for reading!