Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why are people rude?

I don't get it. I think that there is a huge amount of moody people that seem to surround me. Am I doing something to attract the moodiness? I hope not!

We have over a foot of snow here. Is it my fault? No. I think God is going to do what He wants to do without needing any input from me :P Most of the teachers at my center have been without water, heat, phone and electricity for several days now. I am not one of them, praise God, but I am keeping them in my prayers. It must be very difficult to go without so many comforts in this harsh cold and snow.

So, we can not open tomorrow. Only two of us can get there, me and the girl who lives across the street. We have 100 kids. Yeah, that is called illegal. A lot of the kids live near the school and will probably be able to get there. The teachers, not so much.

So my boss calls me and asks me to call the after school aged kid's parents.

Up until the point all of the parents have always been wonderful- at least to my face, behind my back is a whole other story ;) (I once had a chicken cry because his Dad made fun of me at their house and it upset him. Blah.)

So I call and the Mom is not there, so I talk to the Dad. I have never actually met him. I do know that he doesn't usually work. So if he doesn't work it shouldn't be too much of an issue for him to stay home and watch his kids.

He reemed me out for "How dare I close school when his wife has to work?" etc, etc, etc.

Um, okay. First of all I did not have anything to do with closing school. I flatter myself to think that God's snow storm and our director's title took care of that for me. I am only the one passing along the news. And two, YOU DON'T WORK! You sit home and watch TV all day, why can't you take care of your own child????? Good grief, people are rude.

Of course I did not say that, I just bit my tongue. But blech, he is so rude.

And this lady is late every single day to get her kids and I have looked the other day. Guess what? That stops. Now. I will rain late fees down on her like the snow falling from the sky. If they can not extend courtesy to me, I no longer feel like breaking the rules for them.

On another note, no weight watchers tomorrow either :0(

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