Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank goodness today is over!

Today was a very stressful day at work. When I pulled in to the parking lot I saw my coworker outside in the freezing cold digging sand out of the sandbox. I actually said outloud: Today is going to be a bad day.

Guess what song was playing on the radio? "I've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night!" So I had to laugh at the irony!

The people who came to evaluate us showed up at 7:30. I think we run a pretty well oiled machine at my school, and most Kindergarten teachers rave about our program. The school board has ideas that I don't find practical, however, we have a contract so we do implement them. But the whole system is new for us this year so it was scary to have the check. Thankfully for us we are on government property so we at least had a head's up as to when they came, because they could not get past the guards without notice, the other places just have random checks. So we are fortunate in that respect.

I am a pretty AP teacher, if that is a catagory. I know that schools sometimes frown upon affection, so it was hard to turn that part of myself off today. My humble opinion is that if the parents are okay with it and the children are okay with it and the teacher is okay with it, then there is nothing wrong with hugs, fond nicknames, etc. If any one of the three is uncomfortable then, and only then, does it become an issue.

They asked a ton of questions. Some things I am sure impressed them. Other things, not so much. The one lady was repulsed when I told her that the kids brush their teeth at the same sink that they wash their hands at. Um... do you have a seperate tooth brushing sink and handwashing sink at home?! I doubt it. Sure, I have had Master bathrooms with two sinks, but even then one was not just for brushing teeth and one was not just for washing hands. Good grief. I have been using the same sink for both for 31 years now and I am still alive ;)

And I did not have enough books out. I checked that list and I could have sworn that I had everything they wanted, but I guess not. So we will be dinged for that.

At any rate, this morning one of the Dad's leaned over and whispered "No matter what they say you should know that you guys do a great job!" That was nice and set a good tone for the day!

Tomorrow- weather permitting- we should have our results.

Twenty minutes after they left, one of my kids tripped on her own feet and gashed her head open on the table :0( We were playing a game and she was just walking and I am not sure if one of the kids maybe put their hand behind them and she tripped or if it was a shoe issue, etc. I actually did catch her but she had already hit her head at that point. So I picked her up and was rubbing her back, talking quietly to her, thinking that she would have one huge goose egg. Then my coteacher turned a bit pale and my chicken moved her hand and blood was just going everywhere. I sat her down, ran to grab gloves and towels and we got the bleeding stopped. I called her Dad and she needed two stitches. She came back to get her brother and she was happy and bragging about her trip to McD's after the stitches, so it is fine. It was nice to see how well my coteacher and I work together using nonverbal communcation. We handled the injury quickly with no drama or confusion. None of that "What should we do?" panic stuff that sometimes happens when people see blood.

Then later on in the day another student had a small party at snack time because his birthday was today. He is having just a family *and me* party at a pizza place over the weekend, but he wanted to have cupcakes with his friends. After the cupcakes he presents me with the biggest chocolate bar I have ever seen. He bought them for all of the teachers. I mean, seriously, this thing was huge. Easily a pound of candy.

I did not have any of it, but man was I tempted!! Thankfully I had tried my coworkers rice pudding and it was sitting in my stomach like a huge rock. So that helped keep me from trying the candy LOL

I still have the World's Longest Period. I broke down today and bought disposable maxi pads. I know, I am all about my Mama cloth, but something has got to give. I can not handle that much laundry every couple of days. I have to wash them twice to get the blood out. I got the super gigantic overnight extra long pads so hopefully I wont be running to the bathroom every hour again tomorrow.

As an update, in case I forgot, the Provera did not work long term. It stopped it for a couple of days but it came back in full force. So my doctor called in Birth Control pills for me. I have taken them since Monday and still it has not slowed down. I am hoping it will soon. It has been two months and the process is making me sort of nauseous. It would not be so bad if it wasn't so heavy. I have to change the sheets every other day and I can not wear any light colors because it is so unpredictable and even the super thick Mama cloth is not containing it. Crazy! In all of my years I have never had staining issues until now.

And perhaps someone can educate me, but where is it coming from? I realize that when you are not pregnant the lining sheds, I get that. But that can not take two months. It just can't. What is up with my body? :0(

I am filing my taxes as married but filing seperatly. Unfortunatly that means that I owe $400 instead of getting money back. I could get a refund if I file with my H. However, I have not spoken to him since before Christmas and I do not want to start again now. I am going to have to find a way to get $400 before April. But it will be worth it not to bring his negative energy back in to my life!

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  1. I just found your blog through MDC, and wanted to answer your question. It's possibly PCOS. I would talk to a doctor about it. Other symptoms are excess weight, facial hair, irregular periods, acne to name a few. Most people don't have all the symptoms, but just some of them. It's treatable, but a pain...