Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rest in peace Hermies and Mr. Krab

I got an Urgent Facebook message today from the parent of the chicken who was crab sitting this weekend. Apparantly he forgot he took them home and left them in the car... overnight.

The crabs are now in Crabby Heaven, having lived a full life of being Pre K class pets. Said parent feels terrible and is replacing them before next Tuesday when the kids are back at school. The ground is frozen and covered in a foot and a half of snow, so we wont be burrying them like the other class pets. The Dad offered to upgrade us to a better pet, but state laws and my allergies pretty much limit us to fish and crabs. Although I would have preferred the turtle he offered, the regulations say they carry disease and what not. So crabs it is!

I have felt sick the past couple of days. Nauseous and really tired. The stomach flu is making it's rounds here, so it could be that. The period that wont go away is still here. At yet another doctor appointment she encouraged me to wait another month. Hopefully it stops once I start a new pack of pills. I think I need to up my iron, that could be a lot of the yuckiness right there. I am just so tired of dealing with my period. Is it very heavy so I change clothes and shower more than once a day. I change my sheets a lot because it is so heavy. I go through packs and packs of maxi pads or I wash Mama cloth every other day. One is expensive, the other a chore. Blech. I will be so glad to have three weeks off, if that ever happens. I mean, it has been two months. TWO MONTHS!

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  1. I'm sorry you still have Aunt Flo around. She can be a bit much at times. And sorry about the crabs too. I hope you have a good week.