Friday, February 12, 2010

I have $429 worth of...

Well tonight I wrote a check for $429 to pay my taxes. It depleted my entire savings. I had to rob Peter to pay Paul, sort of. I took most of it from my medical bill fund. However, now I don't have to talk to my soon to be ex husband and file jointly with him. So I bought myself $429 worth of peace of mind. Or, $429 worth of freedom :0)

And it felt good.

Who knows how long it will take me to pay down again on the medical bills. It could be a while before I can go back to Weight Watchers :0(

I went back to the doctor today because my period will not go away. She did an exam and told me to keep taking the BC pills. To give it another month, then come back if I still have it. Ugh. I am not looking forward to having my period for another month. Hopefully it will stop soon. She told me to eat around 2,000 calories a day and I should drop some weight that way. That is not as many as I am getting doing WWs.

One of the parent's was 20 minutes late tonight to get her kids. I had to give her a late fee times two. They are new, so I felt bad about it, but they have already been late once and were told that if it happened again they would be charged. She told me it was impossible for her to be there on time. She is going to be charged every time she is late. The director explained it to her up front, twice. I don't understand why people sign contracts if they know they can not follow them? Obviously our center is not a good fit for her. There are a lot of others in the area a lot cheaper than us open longer hours. It makes sense to go with a place that fits with your schedule. I did the math and if she is 20 minutes late every day for 5 days a week, that is an extra $200 a WEEK in late fees. But it did not seem to phase her, maybe she has the extra money to spare??? Yikes.

Now, I am not normally a stickler for late fees. I have only ever given one other in my year and a half working there. And that was a repeat offender that you have to give one to once in a while to remind her of the rules. I gave her her last warning tonight too, I was on a roll, apparantly LOL I have had parents up to a half hour late when I did not charge them. However, that is a half hour late one time in the whole 5 years they had been going there, because of traffic problems, and they all had called repeatedly to let us know what was up. So fine, I did not charge them. And in each case it never happened again. So I am not just being Mean Miss J or anything. But I felt mean today. She did not even call and her kids were sobbing because they knew she was late- 5 year olds are a lot smarter than people sometimes give them credit for. And I had no idea what to tell them because I had never met this lady before *I was not at work all week*, she did not call, and I could not get ahold of her. Please at least call :0( So I can tell your kids that you are a few minutes away, etc. If you don't call I assume you are coming ASAP so I tell them that, then I am a liar when you don't show up.

I talked to my boss and she was not pleased that we had kids that late. The cleaning crew can't come in while we are there, so that is a problem, the guards don't want people there past time, and she has to pay the extra fees like electric and overtime for the staff. What a mess.

So Mean Miss J reared her ugly head today. And from the sounds of it I will have to do this every. single. day. At least until she gets her bill and sees that all of those late fee papers she has signed are adding up big time on her bill!

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