Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six months ago...

Six months ago..

- was the worst day of my life.

- was the last time I will ever be slapped, called cruel names or have things thrown at me.

- was the first time I ever truly leaned on someone to be stronger than myself.

- left me feeling scared and uncapable.

- saw a million of my tears.

- started a whole new life for me.

Today marks six months of freedom. Six months of learning what my laugh sounds like again. Six months of not worrying that people will stop talking to me if my H treats them badly. Six months of being able to cry when I want to and laugh when I want to and pray when I want to. Six months of never ducking a candle flying through the air at my head, or frantically searching for possessions either stolen or destroyed. Six month's worth of not having to walk on egg shells for fear that I will be left somewhere or hit or kicked or screamed at.

Six months of being able to breath.

No, it is not my birthday, but it is still a very important day for me :0)

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  1. Congratulations! That's a great milestone to reach. Keep laughing and loving the life you live now.