Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am so over the snow. I want to go back to work and have my nice, normal schedule again!

Here's hoping I get my 8 hours in tomorrow!

Thanks to owing taxes this year I cannot afford to go to Weight Watchers. Naturally I go to one weigh in before getting the tax bill. I can't find a part time job to work around my hours so now I am back in stressed mode. Just when I crawl out of the financial hole enough to see the light, I get knocked back down again. So I am sort of depressed about that. And the birth control pills aren't working, my period is still here. I just can't swing another doctor copay right now, not after missing so much work from the weather and eating up my time off.

So, yeah, welcome to my pity party, can I offer you some water with lemon? LOL

I am trying not to get down about it. I will one day eventually pay off these bills. I have to, right? I mean, it's not like the hospital is charging interest or anything.

I thought I might just keep going to weight watchers anyway, but my Mom keeps telling me that I can't afford it :0( Perhaps I prefer to live in denial about it?

I am so confused in my head about everything. I wish it was a dry erase board and I could just wipe it clean somehow.

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