Monday, November 9, 2009

I dislike the word "victim", BUT!

When I left my husband I moved. Obviously :lol: Yeah, duh Jaime, of course you moved. Anyway...

I moved and I was worried that when my husband went to court, they might need to call me as a wittness. Therefore, I went out of my way to call the PA and make sure that she had my new phone number and address. Truthfully, I could really do without going to court at all, but I was concerned that one day I might get pulled over for a speeding ticket and get arrested for not appearing in court LOL

They said that they would be serving me with the papers telling me what day, time, etc. I already knew the day because my husband told my Mom the day his hearing was. The sherrif called and asked if I could meet him last Friday at a gas station to get the papers. I was there, he forgot the papers. He asked me to come again this morning to do it. I was there. I waited. He never showed.

So I call and the person who answered was so rude to me. He told me that the person who told me to meet him was off this week. Um, okay. And that maybe they would get me the papers by Thursday.

I am sorry but that is way beyond unacceptable. What if I have a boss who is demanding proof before letting me have the day off? I don't, but that isn't the issue. I don't know where in the world I am supposed to be. I don't know what time to be there. I don't know what they want from me, etc.

So he damanded that I come by this morning to get them. Um, I am already going to be late for work because your guy did not show. Now you want me to go 10 miles in the oppposite direction from my work?

He was so rude.

So I called the PA's office and told her that this was happening and that I was the victim and was being treated like a criminal. The only thing I did was get punched. I was not on trial. I did nothing wrong. I just do not understand why the police in my town can sometimes treat victims like criminals. It is not just me who feels this way, when I worked at the shelter I heard it a lot too.

Anyway, long story short, they said to come in tomorrow to get the papers, again going out of my way on my own time. Then they called to say that the case was continued and cancelled for Friday, I will get new papers.

I didn't even get the old papers.

But anwyay, next time they are coming to ME. I am not doing this again. They are earning a paycheck to serve papers to me, not to have me come in when they can fit it in to their schedule and to come in and have them cancel on me, etc. So either they drive them to my house, or they lose their wittness. I feel rude for feeling that way, but that is just how it is going to be!

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