Monday, November 16, 2009

Good news..

Well my chickens are rocking their Thanksgiving play rehearsals.

My sinus infection seems to be clearing up as there is no longer a marching band playing in my head :-) It is draining out my throat though so I am coughing. I have officially lost my voice. Today is day two of silence. I think I have ultra sensitive vocal chords, as I lose my voice a lot, about 4 times a year LOL

If anyone has any suggestions on how to ease the wicked pain on the left side of my chest and around to my back (from the coughing) let me know. I can't get rid of it with IcyHot. I guess it is a muscle very deep in the lungs. It is aggrivated.

Things are looking up for me. God is in control and I trust Him. Thank you to all who read/pray for me.

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