Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My STBX is useless. And no, I am not being mean again. I am just stating what appears to be a fact :P

He is only allowed to talk to me about the divorce. Other than that he isn't allowed to contact me. Fine. So I e-mailed him asking if he had the copies of the last two year's tax forms, because I need them to file for divorce.

This is off topic- but does anyone know how you can get those forms if you don't have them? I mean, somewhere, someone has had flood damage or a house fire and has lost their documents, yet they can get divorced. I need to know how they did that. Because I don't think he will ever look for them- because he is useless.

Anyhow, I e-mailed asking that several days ago.

My STBX is OCD. He would spend a half an hour arranging the shower curtain in a certain way so it would dry properly. Being disheveled is not in his vocabulary. He has a ridiculous filing system. It would take him all of one minute to open the cabinent and see if the taxes were in there. Neatly labeled, of course.

He is just lazy and doesn't want to look. So I sent him another e-mail asking if he had a chance to look yet. He wrote back that it was on his to-do list and I needed to get over my expectation of a quick reply.

I wrote back that I expected very little of him. What I really wanted to say was "Is getting a JOB on your to-do list?" Or "Well it shouldn't take you too long, since you do NOTHING."

But I did not say that, but I really wanted to. Because, you know, he is useless and stuff.

Just give me the stupid papers so I can get divorced.


  1. I think you can get them directly from the IRS, but it can be a PAIN. My parents moved and couldn't find their papers, and I needed them to fill out my student loan forms (many many years ago!). We had to call over and over and over again, and got quite a runaround. Maybe things will be better now that most things are electronic? Oh, I just checked the website, and maybe this will help?,,id=110571,00.html

    Good luck!

  2. Could you get a lawyer on one of those contingency things where they get paid when you win the case? Seriously, call around and see if you can get a lawyer to get STBX to give you the papers and do it in a way that makes STBX pay for the lawyer.