Monday, March 15, 2010

Hooking again

I finished a baby blanket for my coworker last night. That is my first project since my first surgery on April 1st of 2009. I did make a small potholder when I taught one of my older students how to crochet in November LOL

I am having a bit of numbness in my arms. I am hoping this is just from relearning how to use these muscles. It took a long time to make that blanket, I wanted to ease in to it.

Right now I am working on a hose cover for my BiPap machine.

I am also making one for my Dad's machine.

I would love to find a way to make money crocheting, but I don't see it as a possibility. I checked out Etsy today and wow, are those people talented! My crocheting stinks in comparison.

I have never made anything for myself before, so this hose cover is the first thing just for me :0)

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  1. I have wondered about making money knitting. And I've decided it isn't very realistic. It takes so long and I don't think anybody would want to pay much more than the cost of the materials anyway. I mostly knit gifts.