Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's make a deal...

My Dad and I have made a deal. He is going to quit smoking and I am going to try to lose weight.

We have been eating these ridiculous breakfasts together lately, bacon, eggs, toast, etc. We have both gained from that. So from now on we are going to have oatmeal with apples. And he is not going to slip outside to smoke!

Wish us luck!

Also, my wonderful Mother called the utility companies for me, and pretended to be me. Not ethical, I know that- but I could not miss any more work to deal with them and she was off and willing. The great news is that the phone company admitted that they were in the wrong to send me to collections like they did. I mean, I never got the bill, my name wasn't supposed to be on the account AND it hadn't even been past due 30 days yet! So they said that my credit is totally NOT going to be affected. Yay for me!!

And my STBX has not contacted me in one blissful week. It has been heaven not dealing with his nonsense.

And I got served to testify against him! I wasn't home but they left it with my Dad. I told them that I wasn't missing any more work to chase them down to get my papers, so I guess they got the hint LOL Our new court date is in March.

My Dad also told me that he is going to help me pay for the lawyer. What a relief! I was going to have to get a second job to pay for this process of getting divorced.

I am still broke as a joke, but the medical bills are getting paid down. And the lawyer seems to think that I wont be responsible for any of the marital debt because of the money he had in retirement. Yay! My students gave me a lot of gift cards this Christmas and I gave them to my Mom to help her pay for groceries. It hurt a lot that I could not contribute to the household. At least this way I can help offset the cost of feeding me. LOL

My Dad put snow tires on my car. That is a worry off of my mind for sure!

I am still loving my job. Some days I am shocked that I get paid to do this. It is the hardest job ever though, but I love it. Those kids bring me so much joy!

Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get weighed somewhere, since I am working the early shift. Then I will take some pictures to post.

I hope that everyone has a great week!

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  1. No...your not going to TRY losing ARE going to lose weight! Using the word try is just setting yourself up for failure!

    BTW this is babygrant from MDC, just so you dont think some random person is posting on your blog. HA!